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List of Supplies for the Drawing Class

This list is not meant to limit you or intimidate you in any form. It is only a list of things I love and some I have found useful through the years. Some I include because I know some of you will love, even though I am not particularly friends with it. However, please try to make sure the important items on this list are purchased and not something else that caught your eye at the art store (bring this list with you). The drawing process is very personal and varies greatly from each individual. I wouldn’t want to stifle your creativity in any way or to make you a copy of myself. I want you to be the very best version of yourself and to create art that comes from your heart. I can only give you the tools and insights that have been helping me in my journey, but you want to create and enjoy your own. Charcoal is the medium I love, but I have seen exquisite pieces done in Graphite and Pastels as well. I won’t discriminate here. Each of them can be wonderful mediums. The more you draw and the more you use them all, the easier for you will be to find the one that likes you best ;) I don’t believe we find our medium; I believe our medium finds us… And when you do, stay with it as long as you can; loyalty is the key to mastery.


Key to Drawing by Bert Dodson

Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson

Available at www.




Soft Vine Charcoal
Willow Charcoal
Kneaded Eraser
Exacto Knife
Long Knitting Needle
Drawing Board with clip attached to it
Art Tape
Graphite Pencils 4b and 8b
Paper Stumps
Newsprint Pad


Quality Paper


Good quality paper for finished drawings


These are all good choices

(Do not buy the smallsize. It should be at least a 11 x 14" pad)



This paper was my favorite for years since it has good tooth and a nice texture.

Now I use these other 2 that I like for the exact opposite reason (They are smooth)...

I don't believe it is a myth that artists are a little strange.


I love the second one for it is heavy and it allows me to tint it with water media before drawing.
Strathmore really knows how to make good paper and who knows…
One day perhaps they will even put my drawings in their cover!

Optional Supplies

Cotton Swabs
Pastel Conte Pencils Colors Sepia and Sanguine (which will be shown only numbers)

(Make sure you see the word PASTEL on them)

Charcoal Powder

I got mine at
This item is quite pricey, so I recommend making your own with a small sock, charcoal powder and a rubberr band.

Positive attitude and willingness to learn, available everywhere!


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