Commissioning a Portrait
"The eyes of the camera capture the likeness of the individual. The eyes of the artist capture the soul." Marta Crawford

The decision to have a portrait created for yourself or as a gift for someone is a serious undertaking. Research of the work of several artists is recommended and encouraged. We all have qualities that make us exceptional in our own unique ways and employ the use of color and composition differently, being either more objective or subjective in capturing the likeness of the individual. When painting a portrait, I go beyond plain realism. I love to go where the camera does not. I transcend the individual's outer appearance and concentrate on the essence that makes him unique and exceptional. I consider my work completed when the eyes look back at me and smile; when the person comes out of the painting; when I feel that familiar eerie feeling in the back of my head; when I can think of ETERNITY... Very few gifts in life are as thoughtful and original as a portrait. Portraits survive time. When we give someone's portrait as a gift, we are giving them a little piece of immortality. The portrait will survive and witness many generations. Remember that the camera will never be able to match the human eye. The camera is a heartless inanimate object with no feeling or emotion. Feeling and emotion through original artistry immortalizes Humanity.

Marta Crawford