Oil Painting Classes

When: Every Tuesday from 1pm to 4pm

Where: Marta's Studio in Deland, FL

Contact: martacrawford@bellsouth.net

Phone: 386-576-6977

       Cost: $100 per 4 class month or $125 for a 5 week month, plus $10 fee for printing materials
Each month we pick a theme and everyone brings subject matter (good photo references) pertaining the theme. Example: On a Portrait Month, each student will bring photos of people to paint, and on a Floral Month, photos of flowers, etc. This ensures we all learn the color mixing and necessary techniques to paint each subject. Every student will be working on his/her assignment to completion, and we will be working with a limited palette of three primaries plus Ivory Black and Titanium White. At home, the student is encouraged to paint as much as possible, however the class painting should only be worked on in class.
The students are encouraged to bring their own reference photos, although many excellent photos will be available to whoever needs them at no charge. If the student has chosen a photo but needs to have it printed, a charge of $5 will incurred.

Every person works at his/her own pace. Quality is more important than quantity. After all, it only took 25, some of them unfinished, paintings to elevate Da Vinci to the Stratosphere of fame.

Recommended Books in order of importance for the class

Classical Painting Atelier by Juliette Aristides

Color Mixing Bible by Ian Sideway

Alla Prima, Everything I know About Painting by Richard Schmid

Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green by Michael Wilcox


March 2020 Flowers Workshop


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